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Extremely Late Week3 Notes

January 20, 2010

These are extremely late because these notes were taken the week that we learned my mother had cancer. She’s since had her kidney out and is stable and starting to get up and about again, but frankly it’s a damn miracle I made it to any classes at all in week 3. This is, in fact, the only class of Translation Theory I got to that week; Monday was a holiday and Friday was the earliest I could skive off to get home and see my family. Thus, this post is the entire round-up for that week. Read the rest of this entry ?


This would be why I hate August

August 13, 2009

I don’t mind admitting that I’m having a hard time this month. I have a long history of seasonal emotional troubles, and late summer is always the worst. I may have taken on more than was wise for summer classes, and I’m now regretting it– but it’s much too late to drop one class, because these sessions are only five weeks long and all the administrative dates are accelerated.

One of the strong contributing factors to my stress right now is the fire. That’s very close to where I live. About five miles. And I’ve lived in California all my life; I’ve always been peripherally aware of seasonal wildfires, always moreso when the smoke gathered and choked us all in Silicon Valley for weeks at a time. It’s not really the smoke I’m worried about just now, though. The wind is gusty and keeps changing– it’s blowing the fire away from us now, yes, but it can easily change in less than twenty minutes, and these fires spread, like… well, like wildfire. It went from nothing to a thousand acres over the course of last night.

I can’t really do anything about this right now, though, except put all my precious papers and instruments in my car with me before I go to school. I’ve got about seven continuous hours of class today, plus a midterm. Originally this post was going to be a P.S.A. about fire-safety and wild-fire preparedness, but I think I’m a little too stressed out to write that up right now. Oh well.


Santa Cruz Meteorology

February 24, 2009

The weather early this morning was absolutely bizarre. It was very densely foggy, but not like it normally is with dense fog. Normally, the fog hangs and clings and sulks in the crevices and contours of the hills and coast. This morning, it was wet and tumultuous and… oddly leaky. I wouldn’t say it was raining, as such– or, if it was, it was raining in such a way that I could walk around the rain. Great spurts of fat drops at weird angles, and great gusts of wind buffetting the trees into further drop-flinging. It was weird and beautiful, like we were living in the belly of some great ghost.

In cyberpunk, we’re reading Siratori’s Nonexistence. It’s… well. It sort of amounts to algorithmic gibberish, best we can figure. We’re taking a lot of things on faith from Professor Godzich, because we’re too lost to do anything else. I’m hoping more will become clear on Wednesday.