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Mark Yudof, go to someone else’s party.

February 1, 2010

So, I’m having a bit of a hard time with something, and I’ve been a little nervous about mentioning it in public because frankly it could well be slander depending on how I phrase it, and I just don’t know how diplomatic I want to be.

Thing is, Mark Yudof follows me on twitter.

That’s… well, that’s weird enough as it is. Yudof is the president of the University of California. I’ve never met or spoken to the man. I have occasionally sent him angry emails, because being a conscientious UC student requires one to send angry emails at one’s president once in a while. However, I certainly have no personal connection with him. And while I did use my Twitter for a short time while involved with the UC Occupations, I rarely tweet about anything that University administrators should be especially interested in.

My twitter is a personal thing, a toy, a microblog where I talk about what I ate for breakfast and how cool my Translation Theory class is and how I think that kid in my lit section is super cute. Mark Yudof does not need to know these things. I don’t want my dad’s boss showing up at my birthday party, and I don’t want my university president following me on twitter. Mark Yudof is, in fact, disinvited from the party that is my twitter.

But Kirby! You say. Why not just block him and continue blithely tweeting about porn and ice cream as you are wont? Well, the same reason I wouldn’t kick my dad’s boss out of my birthday party if he showed up: I don’t want him there, but I don’t want to get in trouble for kicking him out.

See, a friend of mine, @Benladen, just got suspended from twitter because Yudof decided that he didn’t like his tweets. (My dad’s boss just kicked my loud, drunk friend out of my party.) I do not think he had the right to do this. I do not think Yudof has the right to BE on twitter. But we can’t tell him to leave, because then he might kick US out. It’s not fair, and I feel invaded in what was a safe, fun place for my peers and me. If I want to get to know him, I will approach him myself. It’s inappropriate for him to try and get to know me in this way, because I feel so pressured and trapped.

I don’t follow him back. I don’t expect him to actually read most of my tweets. (Thank god.) But I’m very, very angry about the suspension of @Benladen, and I wish someone would convince Yudof that @mark_yudof has other, cooler parties to go to.


You can’t spell Di(ego)

May 30, 2009

My good friend Diego was somewhat dismayed to hear that I had not yet written a blog post about him. He followed this expression of disappointment almost immediately by dragging me and Harry into the bathroom and locking us in.

Diego has recently undergone a tragic rejection, you see, and in his fits of trying to figure out why any girl would turn him down, he’s come to two simultaneous, contradictory (in my opinion) conclusions: 1. said girl is stupid because there’s definitely nothing wrong with him, and 2. he needs people to tell him how attractive he is to reassure him that there’s nothing wrong with him.

So he takes me and Harry into the bathroom because he needs the mirror. He makes us close our eyes while he arranges himself. (Harry eats parfait blindly, and I giggle like a loon.) When he lets us open our eyes, it is so that he can show us how good he looks shirtless. He needs the mirror to figure out how to flex, you see.

At this point I kind of lost it. I was laughing while I told him that, yes, he’s a very fit young man. I tried very hard not to tell him that maybe this girl didn’t want to date the sort of boy who has refined flexing in mirrors to an art form.

There’s no real point to this story, except that I have strange friends.


I honestly can’t tell if they’re serious sometimes.

April 16, 2009

Today, while skimming one of the four emails we recieved from campus authorities about the upcoming naughtiness on 4-20, I paused and choked a little at this:

It is a common misperception that all college students drink alcohol and smoke a ton of weed. Our data continues to show that at UCSC, 30% of our students choose not to drink at all and 60% of our students report having never used marijuana.

It is not accurate to say that UCSC is a party school – perception is not reality, but certainly if you hang around with people who drink or use frequently, it will be your perception that EVERYONE is doing it.

I… what? What kind of polling methods are they using? Where the hell did they get that number? Have they ever been to Santa Cruz? Good lord. Maybe they just chose not to ask anyone from Porter or Kresge.