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Processing Speed and Performance

March 3, 2009

Usually it’s not a it deal if I stretch the stats a little while running complex programs, but lately whenever I’ve got a complex program going my CPU craps out for a minute or two at a time, overheats, goes to standby, comes back.

Oh, yeah, and my computer’s behaving a little funny, too.


Somnatic Computation

January 29, 2009

So this quarter I’m taking my first-ever Java programming class. It is sort of the “easy” introduction– the class designed specifically for non-computer-majors, which is nice. I’m enjoying the class and the subject, largely because it has the same satisfaction for me as Syntax did last spring, and as knitting and algebra and crossword puzzles do. It’s a very methodical, analytical, segmented activity, with definite right and wrong answers– but still a lot of room for (and need for) creativity. It’s challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

Anyways. Yesterday I got to sleep in pretty late, which was nice.  I did set my alarm for eight, because I knew I had to spend most of the day running back and forth between my various departments to try and declare my second major.  However, having been up until roughly two the night before, I went through about an hour of snooze-button abuse. During that, I dreamed I was programming in Java (on the Processing platform, as it were). The noise of the alarm-clock was, in my dream, the error message for when I made a syntax error or somesuch in the code. It was incredibly frustrating, but I was scared to delete anything because I knew there were multiple errors and I didn’t want to accidentally delete something useful. There is a lovely solution already built into Java for this, though– by making something a “comment” the compiler no longer reads a certain line or block as code. So I can go like this:

this is valid code

//this is a one-line comment

/*this is a block comment,

or messed-up code that I want to

remove without deleting */

this is more code

When you put the slashes in front of a line, the whole line automatically turns a light grey to distinguish it. Only, in my dream I wasn’t doing that in the text editor that Processing gives. Instead, I was commenting out people. Like, my friends and acquaintances. I was being very methodical about it, doing them all at once and then un-commenting them one by one to check which ones were proper and which ones were flawed. In fact, when I commented out, they went into greyscale. It was all very two-dimensional and hazy, especially due to the alarm clock jerking me out of it every eight minutes.