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Ceci N’est Pas Une Blogge.

February 22, 2009

I’m a little hopped up from residual endorphines (or something) from the gym today (where I proceeded to kick my own ass quite brutally), but the soreness hasn’t quite set in yet so I’m just drained, and a little manic. I desperately want to drive up Highway 1 to San Francisco to wander around the city looking for something we can’t find. Like a parking spot in North Beach, or something of that ilk. Unfortunately, I lack the car to do such things. I lack the money to do anything interesting in downtown Santa Cruz. I’m too exhausted to go wander in the woods. I’m sick of my knitting, I can’t concentrate on my reading, nothing is happening on the internets anywhere, and no one else is up for another party tonight. So I’m sitting here, blogging about how I’m not doing anything. Golly, isn’t that just fascinating?

Oh, but I can at least report that, having thoroughly perused MIT’s list of “hacks” (pranks), they’re really not as epic as some of the tales I’ve heard. Still rather epic, yes, just not that amazing. (My father once told me they put a car in the university president’s office. I suspect he was hyperbolizing.)