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Seattle Rhymes with Cupcake

September 9, 2009

And yea, the Goddess of Cute Thingies did descend and spake unto me in a dream, and did say:
“Unto Seattle-by-the-Sea ye shall descende, and so shall ye partake unto you all of the cupcakes, and all of the yarns, and so shall ye do so under the strain of thy feete and the sweat of thy pores.”

So, we drove to Seattle. And we got a parking spot because the Goddess of Cute Thingies put in a good word for us with the God of Parking Spots, and we are keeping that parking spot for the rest of the week because we know better than to spit in the face of the God of Parking Spots. That’s why Odysseus had such a hard time, you know– it wasn’t Poseidon he pissed off, it was the God of Parking Spots. And so, as the goddess bade us, we tramped all up and down the hills of Seattle and found the yarns and the cupcakes.

On our first day, sleep-deprived and a little dazed, damp from the rain and exertion, we stumbled into Cupcake Royale on Pike Street near Anna’s apartment. It was delicious and adorable, very simple cupcakes, and including very nice teeshirts. I bought one, because it was purple and my size and said LEGALIZE GAY CUPCAKES on it. So far I have had four strangers start conversations with me because of it.

On our second day, neither cupcakes nor yarn were had, but Anna and I did get to see Ponyo, and that was so adorable it made my teeth hurt. I’ll be knitting a little Ponyo fish plushie as soon as I’m in the same state as my yarn again. Instead of cupcakes, we did also find Molly Moon’s ice cream, which had amazing delicious flavors like honey lavender and balsamic strawberry.

Today, our third day, we managed both cupcakes and yarn. On the advice of the beautiful shopkeeper/potion-mistress in Pilot Books on Broadway, we tromped all the way downtown to try the cupcakes at Yellow Leaf. She said they were her least favorite, but the toffee-chocolate one was plenty amazing and they have definitely mastered the Art of the Buttercream, so it’s really a difference of taste I guess. We then tromped directly to So Much Yarn, where we were enthusiastically greeted by the most adorable shopkeepers on the planet. I escaped with under a hundred dollars of yarn, which felt like an accomplishment– I always forget that my Swift Stitch employee discount only, uh, applies at the Swift Stitch.

We have Plans for the rest of the yarn stores today and tomorrow, and there’s one more cupcakery we know of somewhere on Boren that we have to find and try. So, we shall see if this Holy Quest is successful~


Shameless Plug

May 10, 2009

I have a job! At the Swift Stitch! They have lots of yarn! They pay me to play with their yarn! I cannot fathom how this would be more awesome!


Three Links, all somewhat creatively inclined

March 29, 2009

Firstly! I’ve seen a number of blogs/articles about knitted grafitti, but this one has the best pictures I’ve yet seen on the internets. Entire trees are cozied! I absolutely want to do this.

Relatedly! It’s kind of old news, but I just love looking at the dramatically-lit pictures of this crocheted coral reef.

And lastly (and unrelatedly)! I’ve just finished reading a story (fragment? very long excerpt?) called Brains Pt. 1: What is a Valedictorian by Tony Tulathimutte. I have no idea how I found this writer’s webpage, but his prose style is absolutely lovely, very clean and slick and high-brow without feeling uncomfortable or vacuous. The story linked is a pretty simple one, and very elegantly told. I’d very much like to be able to write like that someday.

Actually, you know what, I lied. Twice. First lie is that the above is not the last link, and the second lie is that I do know how I found Mr. Tulathimutte: it was through the links page of the site of artist Justine Lai. Ms. Lai’s Big Art Project, Join or Die, consists of paintings of the artist having sex with all the U.S. presidents in chronological order. It’s a lovely style and a very intriguing concept, especially when viewed within the context of the statement she provides on the site.


Robotic Evolution

January 30, 2009

In my Java class, I’ve been turning in different versions of essentially the same program, tweaked and rewritten to fit the requirements each time. The first week, I turned in an iterated drawing of a robot. The second week, I tweaked the code so that I could draw the robots in different sizes. This week, I’ve put a little robot mouse into the background of the drawing that moves when you click and hold the mouse in different places in the window.  Next week’s is supposed to involve a loop, but I don’t know yet what I want to do to the robots.

I did, however, have a pretty vivid daydream today of writing Java code for knitting. I’m doing a lovely feather-and-fan scarf out of Homespun for one of my housemates, and I was just thinking how much lovelier knitting patterns would look if one could call methods properly. (I’m a huge stickler for formatting things very cleanly. The neuroses is at odds with my horrific handwriting, which is why lately I’ve been typing all my notes. That, and the fact that I simply cannot keep up with Professor Godzich’s lectures any other way.)