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Shameless Plug

May 10, 2009

I have a job! At the Swift Stitch! They have lots of yarn! They pay me to play with their yarn! I cannot fathom how this would be more awesome!


Three Links, all somewhat creatively inclined

March 29, 2009

Firstly! I’ve seen a number of blogs/articles about knitted grafitti, but this one has the best pictures I’ve yet seen on the internets. Entire trees are cozied! I absolutely want to do this.

Relatedly! It’s kind of old news, but I just love looking at the dramatically-lit pictures of this crocheted coral reef.

And lastly (and unrelatedly)! I’ve just finished reading a story (fragment? very long excerpt?) called Brains Pt. 1: What is a Valedictorian by Tony Tulathimutte. I have no idea how I found this writer’s webpage, but his prose style is absolutely lovely, very clean and slick and high-brow without feeling uncomfortable or vacuous. The story linked is a pretty simple one, and very elegantly told. I’d very much like to be able to write like that someday.

Actually, you know what, I lied. Twice. First lie is that the above is not the last link, and the second lie is that I do know how I found Mr. Tulathimutte: it was through the links page of the site of artist Justine Lai. Ms. Lai’s Big Art Project, Join or Die, consists of paintings of the artist having sex with all the U.S. presidents in chronological order. It’s a lovely style and a very intriguing concept, especially when viewed within the context of the statement she provides on the site.


Weeding, Repurpling, and Aggravating the Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome

March 29, 2009

The grapes impend! It was gorgeous out today, so we all took the opportunity to attack the backyard. The grapes my dad planted three or four years ago are really on a roll, and the raspberries look to be catching up. We weeded the clouds of sour-flowers around them, repotted all the surviving herbs from last year (thyme and rosemary tend to do well with us), potted the tomatoes, provided the baby lemon tree lots of verbal encouragement, and found where all the gardening tools had gotten to over the winter.

I’ve also been crocheting lots of little nets for hanging potted plants. I’m using that really cheap, bright cotton yarn, Sugar and Cream (I have a pound-skein of it for some reason, in addition to dozens of stray smaller balls kicking around the house), and the nets work up really fast. Crochet is awful for my wrists, though, because I hold my right pinky against the work while I’m pulling the hook in the opposite direction, and it just makes for really weird angles. But the nets look fantastic, and there’s really only one or two more that our back porch can accommodate anyways, so it shan’t be too great a burden!

In completely unrelated news, I finally re-dyed my hair yesterday. Also most of my skin and the bathtub, due to rinsing mishap, but luckily those fade faster than my hair does. I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments on it, as tends to happen when it’s freshly-dyed and sunny out; something about direct sunlight really lights up the violetness.

Today being my last real day of spring break, I’m also thinking about classes. I’m taking Phonology, Semantics II, and Latin Literature for spring quarter, all of which will be challenging for me. I did get my grades back from winter quarter already– an A- and two Bs– and I’m hoping to improve on that for spring. It’s that everything-being-reborn attitude, you know? From the ashes of the B+ rises… something!