Sundry and Philology

November 8, 2010

While carefully avoiding the massive pile of Bakhtin at the foot of my bed, I decided to procrastinate on Language Log. This was fun, because there’s a lovely discussion of preposition stranding in Wilde which led me to both the cutest linguist-issued death threat ever and the cutest picture of and information about Oscar Wilde ever. He’s a witty classicist! Who gets linguists excited! This is a really fancy version of my entire social life! (Also I’ve a friend who’s reading Dorian Gray for the first time, and she keeps emailing me with adorable flailings about the language, and it’s making me want to reread that instead my augh-why-do-I-inflict-Bakhtin-on-myself.)

Now, I really do have to finish this Another Damn Essay On The Cena And Gatsby (working title), but in the meantime, go look at Ben’s ballot poem, which is gorgeous and inspiring.



  1. I did a lot of avoiding Bakhtin back in the day too. You are not alone. Although he’s great at the heart of his thought. Trouble is getting there.

    • It is a bit of a slog, yes. I find reading in bed to be very satisfying, because when he kicks me out I have the advantage of being able to (symbolically and literally) kick him out of it.

      Out of curiosity, what of Bakhtin’s have you read? I did a bit of work with Menippea a year or two ago, and am now slogging through Discourse in the Oh My God Shut Up About This Novel at an impressively pathetic pace…

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