if you haven’t completed syntax II, do not read this.

July 8, 2010


This is prompted by my esteemed colleague, Devin, who posted an analysis here of some Chinese sentences that he’s collected on his current travels there. Mind you, even if I didn’t have this severe (and reasonable!) phobia of lowering, I’d still take issue with the whole “let’s just stick a T in some place that has nothing to do with X-Bar” shindig taking place in the last trees of his analysis.

What I’m trying to say here is, I am incapable of going more than two months without syntax. Apparently. I’m sitting in some college library right now, I do not even know what college (they’re thick on the ground in Saint Paul, for some reason), obsessing over this instead of having real adventures. I suppose it’s consolation to myself for losing my cellist. (Sad story. I’ll tell you later.)


  1. Cellist = Anna?

    I seem to remember Vera talking about complex heads, which where basically two heads in the same node — couldn’t this be what’s going on here? Also, this really isn’t so different from T-to-C movement, it’s just lowering instead of raising and both heads are audible. That we couldn’t pronounce the C in the English case is more or less irrelevant. So I don’t really see what your issue is with this head-to-head movement.

    • (It’s funny ’cause Vera’s my grandmother’s name, so there’s always that little double-take.)

      Cellist = a cellist I found in Fargo. Un-lost her, more on that later.

      I’m pondering this and getting more data from Rebecca, in the meantime. I really want sentences with [guo] and an accusative, maybe even a couple with a direct and indirect object. You know, you know.

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