Globalization and McDonald-based Anecdata

February 26, 2010

Week 8, Day 3: Friday!

***************FRIDAY FINALLY translatio my buttii

how do we use anachronicity/synchronicity in lit theory?
entered lit theory about 25yrs ago via Fabian who introduced chronopolitics; Fabian is anthropologist who does work in literary theory. the habit in econ of describing societies as if they were on a timeline. societies are more or less advanced than others. failed to take into account the exploitation of less advanced economies by moreadvanced ones. chronopolitics: we all live in the same time but there is inequality of access to resources yo. econ issue transposed onto literature. normative view of development of literature.
>places rocknroll did not penetrate in the 70s: Brazil por ejemplo.
diachrony=deliberate juxtaposition to study how they relate.
epic -> mock-epic, suchlike
anachronicity=device, use/introduction of elements from one time period into another. French.
“tribe” is a Roman term not an African one goddamn. tribe->tribute.

translation and globalization (cont’d)
>translation in the US and in the World
>>the English language problem
~>US does less transl than almost anywhere else, and also our linguistic awareness is not very acute. country is massive and weirdly homogenous.
~>in 18th cent there was some confusion about what the official lang would be and they didn’t vote on it because english would’ve lost. Sort of wanted hebrew but no one spoke it (new Israel also thus antisemitic). dominant language was German.
>translation as gendered labor
>>63% of translators worldwide are women (UNESCO)
>>transl as reproduction work
>>mother tongue metaphor
>>Virgin Mary gives birth to Logos
>>transl as Mother of Languages

~anecdata: the Swiss have a THING with their bankers and also it takes yonks to be a citizen. Australians were super racist and possibly still are. A Swiss banker is like a priest. Geneva = world’s highest consumption of champagne. US: SCOTUS and Homeland Security are at odds on the matter of multiple citizenships. WG spent a lot of his life stateless so when he could get citizenship he got as many as he could; “You don’t ever have enough passports by the way.” I love Fridays. WG has seven passports. “It comes in handy.” depending on who stamps what apparently you can get into trouble. monarchies take citizenship very very seriously; matter of loyalty to the sovereign. His screensaver just kicked in, wow. Greek melodrama spittingontheflag ceremony to get rid of that citizenship. “Nationalism is a wonderful thing studied from afar.” “Useless but not entirely irrelevant knowledge.”

Towards nonreproductive notions of transl
>language as site of
>>alternative universes
>>possible worlds
>>escape from/resistance to normative stories/scenarios
>>uncertain/alternative meanings.

universal and particular
>universal vs general (allgemein) vs generic
~>univ. = that which is in principle applicable anywhere
~>genrl = abstraction from multiplicity of occurances
~>genrc = stripping to the bare bones>broad acceptible
>abstract universal vs concrete universal
~>abstract = result of operation of the mind
~>concrete = asserted to be univ.
>glocal as universal + particular (Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe)
>Particular as local
>nescafe vs coca-cola
>>McDonald’s in Dahran
~~>donkey meat, okay.
>Sameness vs variation


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