Power Meanders Westwardish

January 26, 2010

These notes sort of peter off at the end. I blame the weak coffee. I’ll eventually check with some of my peers to see if anyone has a better copy that actually details the Mafia thin.

************************jan26, lesson 7 transl theory
Translatio Studii
(there are 11 versions of the Arnold text; only use the right one and please be not an idiot. The end.)

very important Geneva Bible pre-King James, used on Mayflower.

English Translations after Tyndale
>The Great Bible (Cromwell Bible) 1539 rev by Tyndale
>Geneva Bible: under Elizabeth I: Tyndale revised by William Whittingham, Brother-in-law of Calvin
>>Roman Type (as opposed to Gothic, very tricky)
>>Text arranged in verses, italicized added words; Calvinist commentary (ital.=/=emphasized.)
~>>Calvinist=radical, academic, protestant, chased out of Geneva then they couldn’t maintain the curriculum without him so they invited him back and he negotiated hard for tenure (1st tenure!), rector, keys to city, absl power for 18yrs. WG draws inspiration for negotiating contracts but has yet to get 18yrs of power. 😦
>>This is the Bible of Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, Milton; also on the Mayflower.
>Bishops’ Bible of 1568 ordered by Elizabeth; less Calvinist; official but no following
>Rheims-Douai (1582, 1609) Catholic Bible: Vulgate>Engl.
~>very latinate, least readable

King James Bible
>Not a translation, but a revision of earlier English translations, with some reference to Hebrew and Greek
>Instructions: follow Bishops’ Bible (mostly Tyndale) and clean it up
>47 scholars created this “Authorized Version”
>>divided into 6 sections, 2 each at Oxford, Cambridge, and Westminster
>>James inspired by God to order the Version
>Published in 1611, struggles with Geneva, wins out by 1700
~~re-tell story of LXX: obtain moral/religious authority
>Deliberate archaism; grandeur and eloquence
~~kind of tradition in Bible translations up until 1960s to feign authority of history/time; heroic lang.
>Anchor of English language
~~was used in all Engl schools by 1700 as model of writing/eloquence
~~errors; Parting of Red Sea is actually parting of the Reed Sea which explains why Egyption chariots couldn’t cross it. Huh.
~~~fell apart in India in 19th cent. Linguistic Issues in India; official lang of bureaucracy = Persian/Farsi. Brits systematically divided India into linguistic zones; replaced Farsi with Hindi. Punjabi most commonly in Pakistan but “official” = Urdu (close to Hindi with Arabic alphabet); training people in English for civil service. Brought in King James to teach it, India said fuck you, did not want to be converted; Thugs Rebellion. (Thugs drugged themselves to be unafraid of bullets.) English stopped using Bible to teach engl; next best thing was Shakespeare. This made Shakespeare all canony; ’til then Milton was the premiere poet in the language. {Shakespeare Wallah} [wallah]=big man.

Since 1960s a lot of new translations of Bible seeking to update it, make more readable. Met with controversy!
>Conservative Bible Project; WG caught this on Colbert, aww. Project based on other bibles being too liberal. Must be guidelines, framework against liberal bias, must not be emasculated. Should aim at 9th grade level. Utilize powerful conservative terms. Never “comrade,” replace with “volunteer.” Update words w/ change in meaning. Eliminate ref to “peace” but bring back “miracle.” Use modern political terms. Accept the logic of Hell. Free-market parables. Exclude later inserted inauthentic passages like Jesus’ forgiveness of the adultress. Conciseness over “liberal wordiness.” “Lord” instead of Jehovah/Yahweh.
>>father forgive them they know not what they are doing

Bible translations are ALWAYS manipulations of texts.
(exceptions: Jerusalem Bible maybe, ecumenical. Sign number of atheists even.)

Translatio Studii
Westward movement of thought and knowledge:
~~(By then no one cared but the president of the Univ.)
>Santa Barbara
~~Hutchin (sp?)

this is a weird progression. Massive amount of construction in Shanghai; lots of universities getting moved to one neighborhood, eleven or so. Left Bank.
Comic version of this: as the studium moves it’s replaced by stupidity. Translatio Studetsia (sp?). Alexander Pope writes on it.
Narratives that govern understanding of knowledge, to do with process of transfer/translation.

Translatio Imperii
Book of Daniel, Chapter 2
Nebuchadenezzar’s dream interpreted:
>Empire of gold >silver >bronze >iron// >iron+clay
>Jerome: Bablylonia>Persia>Greece>Rome//>West Rome+East Rome (Constantinople>?)
~>Constantinople> Moscow or Russia
~~>billboards: there will be no fourth Rome
~>Constantinople> Vienna
~~>not taken as seriously as chocolate
~>Constantinople> London (Cromwell; Manasseh Ben-Israel)
~~>MB-I taught himself english to bitchslap Cromwell: stop thinking that you understand the Hebrew Bible; that is a spiritual/divine history not a human; Cromwell eventually accepts that there is no such thing as universal history and refrains from killing him
~~also Bulgarians and Muslims
>Cecil Rhodes: UK > USA (englishspeaking)
~>conquered Southern Africa on behalf of UK for diamonds
~>foresaw translatio, formed English-Speaking Union to facilitate hand-over of power late 19th cent.
~>Rhodes Scholarships D:

~~iron+clay=end of times, as with great schism between two Romes.

Translation and Learning (moar theoretical)
>The Iconoclastic Controversies in Byzantium (8th/9th cent.)
~~(/) statues/reps of saints/jesus
~~emporer ordered destruction of art
~~burned lots of manuscripts, beheaded Athena, argh.
~~~grk texts survived mostly on margins of empire where Muslims were establishing themselves around 634
~~~~pledge loyalty to emporer as they replace his rule (700-1080; coexistence btwn Muslims/Christians b/c Arab conquerors not eager to break away from Byzantine empire, enter from within.)
>Basra, Baghdad, Damascus, Cordoba
~~Basra>1st dictionary in Arabic in 10th cent.
>>translations from the Greek
~~>all into Arabic; later destroyed in Mongol conqu.
~~>transl everything except the poetry; not Republic;
>>Organization of learning
~~>way more than Plato for various reasons (too literary)
>Renaissance of 12th cent
>>focused on medical, scientific, philosophical texts
>>some interest in religious texts
>>little interest in literature or history of antiquity
>>Sicily mostly for transl.
>>>part of Byzantine empire until 878: greek
>>>Muslim rule: 878-1060: Arabic
>>>Norman rule: 1060-1090: trilingual bureaucracy (the Notaries) (Greek/Arabic/French, used Latin. no Norse.)
>>>>Plato’s Meno and Phaedo
>>>>Fibonacci: Liber Abaci (1202)
~~~~>introduced AraboIndian numerals inst of Roman nums.
>>>>Avicenna (Ibn Sina): Canon of Medicine
>>>>Ptolemy’s Optics
>>>>Transl from Arabic when Greek texts unavail.

Something just happened that caused the Mafia. What. The fuck. I missed that ENTIRE string of events except that Mafia is the heir to that great trilingual moment in the history of Sicily. I wonder if that giant macbook of his has a webcam we can turn on.



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