So I’ve been adopted.

July 25, 2009

So there’s this cat, which I’m calling Godiva due to the fact that she looks exactly like a truffle when she sits in the sun. (Not confirmed that she’s female, but I hate calling her ‘it’ and she hasn’t sprayed anything so she’s definitely not an unfixed male.) I’ve been feeding her, because she’s fur and bones and because I love having things to take care of in return for affection. And affection has been returned! She won’t really tolerate anyone but me, but with me she’s super sweet, lots of purring and rolling around. She’s still quite shy, and our theory is that she was someone’s housecat but got left behind in a move or something.

The thing is… well, there’s two sides. Side one: we live in the woods. Last month, we found the remains of a cat that had been eaten– completely devoured, except for the front legs and a lung– on our front yard. This is not an easy place for cats to live, frankly. Our neighbor has adopted one cat, and feeds her up at his house. This one has been sort of hanging around, and I’m feeding her on the far side so as not to cause a territorial dispute. I’d love to take her in, give her a safe, warm, dry place to sleep and eat, somewhere where I’m not afraid she’ll get messed up by raccoons and other, larger wildlife we’ve got out here.

However, this is a rental. We’re going to be here for one year, <i>maybe</i> two. The owner has let us know that she’s okay if we adopt one of the feral cats, but that doesn’t exactly solve the problem of what to <i>do</i> with the cat when we all graduate or move out. Not only that, but I live with dog people. Raquel is allergic to cats, so my housemates¬† don’t want the cat inside, or if it does come inside, they don’t want it on the furniture or in the common areas. I can’t really bring a cat inside and try to explain to it why it can’t sit on all the soft surfaces in the house, though, and she does have fleas and a couple other probable health issues just from living in the wild for too long. I can’t afford vet bills, though, I can’t afford flea treatment. I can afford the food, but that’s kind of it.

I don’t want to give this cat to the shelter. She’s sweet, but she’s a little beat-up and I’m not completely confident that they’d find a good home for her. I don’t want to give her up to some stranger, either. So, I really need someone that:
1.) I know, or am at least acquainted with,
2.) Lives in Northern California (shipping cats long-distance is kind of awful)
3.) Has a stable home amenable to cats
4.) Can afford to and is willing to take care of this cat’s particular needs, health-wise and trust-issues-wise
5.) (obviously) Wants a cat

If you or someone you know fits all these qualifications, please <i>please</i> contact me, either through this post or through email. I want this cat to have a good home, and since I can’t entirely provide that, I want to find someone that can.


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