I honestly can’t tell if they’re serious sometimes.

April 16, 2009

Today, while skimming one of the four emails we recieved from campus authorities about the upcoming naughtiness on 4-20, I paused and choked a little at this:

It is a common misperception that all college students drink alcohol and smoke a ton of weed. Our data continues to show that at UCSC, 30% of our students choose not to drink at all and 60% of our students report having never used marijuana.

It is not accurate to say that UCSC is a party school – perception is not reality, but certainly if you hang around with people who drink or use frequently, it will be your perception that EVERYONE is doing it.

I… what? What kind of polling methods are they using? Where the hell did they get that number? Have they ever been to Santa Cruz? Good lord. Maybe they just chose not to ask anyone from Porter or Kresge.


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