Dodecannual Update

February 5, 2009

It’s not even noon yet, and already this has been a weird birthday. At about one in the morning, very shortly after I had finally retired to my chambers for the evening, it started raining quite loudly. This would not have been remarkable had it not been for the unusually balmy weather we had all January– I think this is only the second time it’s really rained so far this year. Usually January is a time for Santa Cruz to fret about mudslides and bits of the road getting swept out to see, but all last month it was a sunny 75 degrees. That the drought should be suddenly broken on my birthday probably isn’t significant, but it definitely seemed that way at two in the morning as I lay awake listening to it and contemplating pine needles in mud.

To add to the oddity, I woke up feeling definitively streppy. Last night Raquel, Deepika, and I had all complained of mild sore throats (soothed with the usual three or four pots of tea), and when I went to meet them for breakfast this morning we confirmed that Porter College is undergoing a widespread strep epidemic, as of today. Everyone seemed to come down with it all at once, which I think says a lot about how Porter kids like to interact.

Despite the wetness and the illness, I did make it down to Stevenson (oh what a damp and miserable journey that was; the dining hall had been out of tea, no less, so I was making that voyage sans caffeine!) to finally declare myself as a linguistics major. Now that I’ve got my schedule all charted out for both majors, I was disappointed to discover that it looks like I won’t be able to go abroad for junior year and still graduate on time. However, I also found out that Latin does fill the Linguistics language requirement as long as I take the Latin 100 literature class next quarter, which saved me a lot of grief and stress– otherwise I would’ve had to find time to try and test into Spanish 4, and manage Spanish 5 and 6 before I could graduate. Since Latin proves not to be entirely useless, however, I will have a couple spare quarters in senior year to take whatever languages I want at my own pace, instead of trying to sprint to fill the requirement. I’m very relieved.

Now, all that said, I could not possibly interpret what all this says of the year to come. I’d like to think that it’s all very significant, since twenty is such a nice, round number, but it’s hard to glean meaning out of events contemporaneous. I shall have to wait and try to predict things in hindsight.


  1. What! Kirby! I was searching for eruntics and your blog was the third one to come up. I truly didn’t expect to find you so quickly from a random internet sally. I also didn’t know it was your birthday, and so I say: happy birthday, Kirby. I hope your essay is giving you less grief than mine is to me.

    • I’m kind of amazed I showed up on any google search, wow! Yeah, obviously my blog here isn’t the most helpful guide to Eruntics or anything, though I had the idea of eventually changing that a bit. I finished my essay last night, and in doing so discovered that the extent to which Spook Country is digitally annotated is truly astounding, and have subsequently decided that doing the same to other books would be unspeakably fun. Especially books that don’t exist.

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