Scholarly Wankings

February 1, 2009

I’m largely eschewing programming and writing this weekend in favor of Latin flashcards. I’m about fifteen chapters behind on flashcard-making, technically speaking, but this is primarily because I loathe data entry with all my heart. And what is vocab-memorization but a particularly strenuous form of data entry into the database of my mind? It’s always what holds me back when I’m trying to learn new languages; I’m far more interested in the syntax and the semantics than I am in the straight-up lexicon. Thus I’m excellent at Latin when I have my glossary open in front of me, but quite poor without it. And apparently the only cure to this is to waste trees and exacerbate my carpal tunnel syndrome.

(Still, it probably does me good, as a linguist. The more words I learn, the better I’ll grasp the morphology of it all. Or… something.)

I’m also half-heartedly poking at this Spook Country essay that I’m writing for the midterm paper of my Cyberpunk class. I should have started this at least a week ago, and I’m beginning to worry that I won’t be able to find enough textual evidence for my rather ambitious thesis. I’m half tempted to email Gibson and see if he’s especially busy, and if I might fly up to– is he still in Vancouver?– have coffee and ask him a couple things.

And perhaps visit that long-lost sister of mine while I’m up there, who knows.


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