Robotic Evolution

January 30, 2009

In my Java class, I’ve been turning in different versions of essentially the same program, tweaked and rewritten to fit the requirements each time. The first week, I turned in an iterated drawing of a robot. The second week, I tweaked the code so that I could draw the robots in different sizes. This week, I’ve put a little robot mouse into the background of the drawing that moves when you click and hold the mouse in different places in the window.  Next week’s is supposed to involve a loop, but I don’t know yet what I want to do to the robots.

I did, however, have a pretty vivid daydream today of writing Java code for knitting. I’m doing a lovely feather-and-fan scarf out of Homespun for one of my housemates, and I was just thinking how much lovelier knitting patterns would look if one could call methods properly. (I’m a huge stickler for formatting things very cleanly. The neuroses is at odds with my horrific handwriting, which is why lately I’ve been typing all my notes. That, and the fact that I simply cannot keep up with Professor Godzich’s lectures any other way.)

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